Submissions Guidelines

What We’re Looking For

We are accepting poetry, prose, nonfiction essay, traditional and digital art, photography, and digital mix tapes for publication within the zine in digital medium that fit various themes for individual issues. Previous themes have included Video Game writings about Blaseball, Cryptids and bizarre tabloid writing, and trauma.

Submissions should be submitted electronically to with the appropriate issue heading and your full name.

Simultaneous submissions, republished work as long as you retain the rights for electronic distribution, and “unpublishable” works are accepted. Take a picture of your sculpture and submit it for publication, we’re probably into it.

The type of work we want is less than 25,000 words, deeply weird or experimental, and considered “too weird” for mainstream press. We want your stapled together thesis, your treatise on how HOAs are ruining America, poetry about your favorite anime character, and any other weirdness you want to throw our way.

We are currently accepting Submissions for the following projects:

First Kiss: A Queer Valentine’s Zine

Submissions will run until January 5th 2022. Submit at subject line Valentines.

What was your first gay kiss, we wanna know! Zines from A Town is now accepting submissions of personal narratives, poems, lyric essay, short fiction, traditional and digital artwork, photography, pics of your funny Tindr profile, and more! We wanna celebrate being here, queer, and ready to smooch this Valentine’s day, with stories and art about the first time you kissed someone and were queer, or queer characters having their first kiss. What was it like? Embarrassing? Invigorating? Terrifying? Share your stories with us!


Zines From A Town pays using a socialist pay structure based on content contribution divided equally between contributors and has first electronic rights for publication which then revert to the author/artist 6 months after publication date. In the case of republished works we retain electronic distribution rights for the duration of the 6 month period, after which the rights revert to the creator. Payment is distributed on the 13th of each month via Paypal.

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