A Sky Full of Foreign Stars

A game designed to be played within a Discord server about mech pilots in the infinite reaches of space where nobody can hear you scream. A game about exploring, brief moments of connection, distance, and the loneliness of the infinite.

Meat, Gremlin, Leaf, Grace

A character creation game written based on the most buckwild chart I have ever seen in my life as a gift to the members of the Tokyo Lift fan community.

A House Deserving

A House Deserving is a in person tabletop role playing game about being a haunted house, bereft of your past, your family, your purpose, trying desperately to find solace.

Lament your existence. Grieve your loss of self.

Written for the Not a Game Jam 2020.

Pack Your Bags and Move Away

A solo journaling game about finding catharsis through the stuff you have and trying to forget that absolutely embarrassing thing you did and oh god you can never come back again, better leave.

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